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Helping companies build and manage great digital products







Helping companies build and manage great digital products






Our Value Proposition and Differentiators

Low price -- As a firm dedicated to startups and young companies, our pricing is extremely competitive and often significantly lower than market. All of this without any compromise on quality.

Technical expertise-- We assist you through the full product lifecycle and various services, be it software development, UI/UX design, machine learning, data analytics,  product management or business operations. All our developers and PMs have years of experience of working in startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. Our PMs ensure that that each part of the project is completed comprehensively and in the most efficient way possible.

Business oriented -- We pride ourselves on being business savvy developers, where the focus is on providing technical solutions that achieve desired business objectives and outcomes. Without the ability to deliver on business objectives, great technology is, well, not so great.

Startup focus -- We were once a startup, we’ve helped other startups, and we embrace the startup ethos. Importantly, we know what it takes to grow a startup. We are excited to work with startups and ideas coming out of colleges and business schools and help them develop and implement their business ideas. For startups, we have flexible and tailored pricing models that can incorporate equity shares if needed.

Our Clients include:


Our process is tailored to ensure you get the highest quality.

Our process is tailored to ensure you get the highest quality.

Our Process


We work with you to understand your inspirations and goals. We tirelessly obsess over details to understand your target audience, brand identity, and messaging intent to make sure your brand essence is reflected perfectly through your digital presence.


Our design process is methodical and iterative as we strive to engineer a product that balances form and function. Our design philosophy is based on the principle that design should complement and enhance your brand rather than interfere with them.


Our technical capabilities are second to none. We engineer mobile and web applications with the end user experience in mind. We use a wide variety of open-source and proprietary programming languages and tools to make your vision a sustainable reality.


We don't leave anything to chance. We use the latest, cutting-edge testing and verification methods to thoroughly test our work and are not afraid to go back to the drawing board if something does not pass our strict standards. We deliver only the highest quality products to you. 


From product discovery to product delivery and beyond

From product discovery to product delivery and beyond

Our Services


Product Roadmapping


MVp & Product Development


Product Lifecycle Management


Inhouse & Insource Consulting

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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our Team


Aakriti Bhakhri

Aakriti is a product development professional focused on innovation, portfolio, and project management aspects of the product lifecycle management (PLM) process…


Hunain Kapadia

Hunain is a software geek who also understands Strategy, P&L's and Blue Oceans. He has worked for multiple startups and companies including Vistaprint...


Cliff Schorer

is a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the start-up acquisition and development of small and mid-sized companies. He focuses on...

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Devavrat Kadam

Devavrat Kadam is the Director of Business Development at Ngineered. Armed with a strong global network and a relentless passion to help companies...


Usman Masood

Usman is a software scientist and a product development expert. Usman has worked at Facebook, Microsoft, Stripe and Pipeline DB, where he was the chief architect...


Sikander Kiani

Sikander worked as a management consultant for four years in New York and Washington DC, advising clients across retail, hospitality, financial services, and tech on corporate strategy...


Ravi Singh

Ravi is a software engineer, specializing in web technologies. He has experience architecting and developing scalable software solutions for enterpriseand consumer products....


Omar Kiyani

Omar is a seasoned engineer, entrepreneur and angel investor specializing in new product development, software design and architecture and product management...