Our Philosophy

We believe in pursuing ideas that are transformative and can help define the future of the world.

We have brought a wide range of ideas to life, ranging from, a consumer facing mobile app that motivates individuals to stay fit, to developing advanced facial recognition system to protect user banking data in third world countries. Ngineered labs is a one-stop-shop to help you pursue your innovative ideas as well.

In just 12 weeks, we can help develop your idea into a launched beta product. We understand early stage startups do not always have access to capital. Therefore, we put a stake in the ground, by investing in your idea as part of being accepted into Ngineered labs.


  • Product and business model brainstorming

  • High fidelity clickable designs for MVP

  • Minimal viable product development

  • Beta product launch

  • Based on response to beta product launch - Introductions to the appropriate angel investors and VCā€™s

Current Projects

Dreaming of bringing your idea to life? Apply here today!